Christmas Family, 2019

Robin Chandler General

This year New Neighbors adopted a family with which to share Christmas blessings. The Ngotho (Dad – Erastus, Mom – Ruth, 12 year old son – Mukiri and 6 year old son – Mbaru) family immigrated here from Kenya a couple of years ago. Due to the generosity of our Club we were able to bless them with a wonderful Christmas. Erastus and Ruth received several items of clothing and shoes, as well as new linens for their bed. The boys each received several items of clothing (underwear, socks, shoes, pants, shirts, jackets), Nerf guns, several sets of Legos, remote controlled trucks, and new bicycles, complete with helmets, locks and a pump. They also received new bedding. In addition we were able to give them $150 in gift cards to Publix, as well as $200 in gift cards to WalMart. Thank you for your wonderful generosity! You made this a very special Christmas for the Ngotho Family!