Below you will find our general monthly calendar. These events are open to New Neighbors members only. For more information on joining New Neighbors or any of these groups, please contact us. You can also read more information about each activity.

New Neighbors members will find specific dates, locations and member contact information in your monthly newsletter.


(1st) 9:30am Canasta
(2nd) 9:30am Mah Jongg
(2nd) 1:00pm Book Club
(3rd) 9:30am Mah Jongg
(4th) 9:30am Mah Jongg


(2nd) 1:00pm Bunko
(3rd) 6:30pm Girls’ Night Out
(4th) Chick Flicks


(3rd) 11:00am Mexican Train


(1st) 9:00am Board Meeting
(1st) 10:00am Coffee
(2nd) 9:30am Luncheon Games
(2nd) 11:00 Luncheon
(3rd) 9:30am Party Bridge
(4th) 6:00pm Dining Out


(1st) 9:30am Games
(2nd) 9:30am Games
(3rd) 9:30am Games
(4th) 9:30am Games
(5th) 9:30am Games