Musicals & Plays

If you enjoy attending musicals and plays, this group typically gets together on a Sunday for a matinee performance. This is for “girls only”, especially “golf widows” and wives of football watchers. These are usually held at the Virginia Samford Theatre, Red Mountain Theatre as well as the Broadway Series. We also enjoy stopping for a bite to eat after the show. I will email everyone when a good musical or play is performing. If anyone knows of another theatre performing, please let me know. Email Us for more information.

Luncheons & Coffees

Coffees are held the first Thursday of each month with a member hosting in her home. Two other members serve as co-hostesses and bring breakfast foods to share with the group. Our monthly Board meeting is held at 9 am and all are welcome to come and hear the business of the Club. Coffee begins at 10 am. This is always a good time and a great way to introduce someone to the club or to join the group. Email Us for more information on the coffee.

Luncheons are held the second Thursday of each month at different locations around Birmingham. Beginning at 9:30 am, we play Canasta, Bridge and Mah Jongg before the luncheon. Social time is at 11:30 am with lunch being served at noon. Each luncheon features a speaker or other special presentation. Email Us for more information on the luncheons.

Friday Games

Every Friday we enjoy fun games of Canasta and Mah Jongg. We meet at Heardmont Senior Center on Hwy 119 from 9:30 am until noon. If you don’t know how to play either of these, come watch and learn. Someone is always ready to explain the game. We usually go to lunch following games. Come try us out, you will have fun! If you have ever played Canasta or Mah Jongg, you would enjoy this group, please
Email Us for more information.

Girl's Night Out

Sometimes you just like to go out to eat with the girls. Well, we have the answer! Once a month we do just that with no men or children allowed! The choice of restaurant is made mostly by the organizer, but anyone can suggest a place that they would especially like to try. We make it even easier by car pooling. Nothing is more fun than a car full of energetic women. The venues are varied so you never get tired of eating at the same place. Held the third Tuesday of each month, we would love for you to join us. If this sounds like a good time, please  Email Us for more information.

Day Trips

Every once in a while non-scheduled outings/trips will be publicized and details provided to all NNLC members via email. If the member (ladies only) is interested she should respond to the email as requested. These could be theater/play outings, day trips or overnight trips.
Emails will be sent out to advise of the activity. If you are interested or have a suggestion, please  Email Us for more information.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour occurs once every other month (the opposite of Dining Out) on a Friday or Saturday, September through June. An NNLC member hosts in her home and provides refreshments - coffee, water and perhaps a dessert. Each NNLC member and spouse or guest brings an appetizer to share and their beverage of choice (alcohol or non). This is a great opportunity for stimulating conversations and fellowship. Husbands, friends or singles (adults only) are welcome.
If you would like to host, please contact the Second VP.  Email Us for more information.

Dining Out

Dining Out occurs every other month, September through June.  A local restaurant is selected by the chair person and published in the newsletter, website, and member list.  The dinner is held the third Thursday of the month at 6:00pm. This is an opportunity for NNLC members to bring their spouses, friends (male/ female adults only) or just come as a single for an enjoyable meal and conversation.  Email Us for more information.


Know someone that needs our support? Let us know. We are here to send cards during difficult times, and provide to meals and support along with our friendship.  Email Us if you know a member in need.

Mexican Train

This game is easy to learn and play, especially if you are familiar with “dominoes”. Everyone is welcome to join us on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Inverness Country Club. We start at 11 am, break for a “lovely” lunch and continue to play until 2 pm or so. We do play for “quarters”. After each round, the winner collects a quarter from each player. Anyone interested in playing  Email Us.

Chick Flicks

Chick Flicks is just what the name implies. We go to movies that appeal to women. Even if you and your spouse/friend frequent the movies, there is usually a movie that a man is not interested in seeing. Of course, you can depend on other women totally agreeing with you. We always try to have lunch at a nearby restaurant before going to the theatre. The movie is not chosen by the Chief Chick until a few days prior to movie date, but she will contact you by email to let you know where and when. At that time you can decide if it is convenient for you to go or not. If this is something you would like to explore Email Us for more information.


NNLC really enjoys card games. Canasta is one of our staples. Many of our members join us on the first Monday of the month at Barnes and Noble to play Canasta all morning. This is not the only time we gather for Canasta, but we don’t play any other game on this day. Barnes and Noble is happy to have a large group of women enjoying themselves with a variety of coffee and breakfast pastries. It is a very comfortable place to play. After you finish playing, you can browse the bookstore or meet some of the ladies for lunch. There are several great lunch places at the Summit. If you are interested, please  Email Us for more information.

Book Club

Book club is for those who love to read and then discuss the book with like minded friends. We meet at a local restaurant so we can have lunch and talk about the book at the same time. You may bring a book you have heard about, read about or maybe seen on the NY Times best seller list. Books are then chosen by the group. We read some very good books and we read some that we would just as soon forget! If you love to read, this may be the small group for you.  Email Us for more information.


Bunko is a game designed for conversation, laughter and food with maybe a little dice game on the side. This group has a great time when they meet once a month in someone’s home. There is always food first, then everyone finds a table to start the game. It is sometimes difficult to get started for all the talking and laughing going on. We eventually get all the sets in and declare the winners of the day. It isn’t possible to plan to win, it just happens if you are lucky enough. But even if you just “donated” your money that day, you go home having had a good time. If you know how to play Bunko or want to learn (it may be the easiest game in the world), please  Email Us for more information.


This group of ladies meets every Monday of each month except the 1st Monday which is designated for Canasta. This group meets at the Heardmont Senior Center on Hwy. 119 (Cahaba Valley Road) from 9:30 am until noon. We are also open to Seniors that come to the Center. We use the Mah-Jongg official card and game and typically have about 8 players. Sometimes this group attends tournaments in other locations. Many times we go for lunch after Mah Jongg. We love to have new people come and play. Check our Newsletter for details or send us an  Email.

Luncheon Bridge

Our New Neighbors Luncheon Bridge meets at 9:30 a.m. at the location of our monthly luncheon (Sept-May). We play until 11:30 a.m. when our social time begins. If you are a bridge player interested in joining this activity please call the Luncheon Bridge Chairman a week prior to the date of the luncheon.
 Email Us for more information as to where there the monthly luncheon will be held.

Party Bridge

We are a diverse group of players; some beginning players, some new players and some not so new. Bridge is a game of concentration, bridge etiquette is expected. We meet once a month on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm at Ruby Tuesday located on highway 119 in Pelham. Coffee & Tea are available and we enjoy lunch at 1:00 pm. We are always looking for subs.  Email Us for more information.