Club Origins

History of NNLC

NNLC is the official social club of New Neighbors’ League, Inc (NNLC) which was founded in Dayton, OH in 1939 by Theodore Biggs, a former newspaperman. Out of the business of greeting new residents grew a recognized need for a social organization that allowed newcomers to meet others who were also new to the area. Theodore’s wife, Bunny, lived in many cities throughout the US and knew the loneliness associated with moving into an unfamiliar area. With the aid of the Ohio Federated Women’s Club, she drafted the constitution and by-laws for NNLC. The first chapter was chartered in Cincinnati, OH in 1943. As the growing service operations were established across the country, new chapters were founded. Dayton was the home of the New Neighbors’ League until 1986 when Cheryl Beaudreault (an Atlanta New Neighbors Member) assumed the position of National President. Presently there are 14 operations nationwide. Each chapter operates independently within established guidelines and under the direction of a Local Board and Area Director.

Club Purpose

The purpose of New Neighbors League Club (NNLC) is to bring together the new neighbors of the city so they may meet and become friends while adjusting to new surroundings. The Club is a Not-For-Profit social organization with a variety of interest groups and special activities, including monthly luncheons and programs.

  • Club Colors – Pale Blue and White
  • Club Flower – Rose